Chiropractic Neurology

What makes us different?

Unlike conventional chiropractic care, who's goals are to decrease pain and muscle spasm and increase range of motion, and conventional Neurology, which does well with acute injuries using surgery and/or medications, but not so well with the chronic or non- organic/functional problems.

Chiropractic Neurology training is schooled in classic Neurology but also in Functional Neurology. Functional Neurology studies how communication happens in the nervous system and between the different sub systems (immune, cardiovascular systems and hormones ect). It is this comprehensive understanding that allows greater insight to the body's normal function and how all the systems then work to support the nervous system. When small obstructions begin to change the normal function, sometimes what may seem like unrelated secondary conditions may arise. Our objective is a Neuro-Functional Correction. 

The vast majority of cases that make their way to our practice are by referral from other Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Medical Doctors who have been unable to identify the cause for lost function. 

The typical patient that seeks care has already had extensive labs and medical testing with little insight to what is the true nature of their condition. 

In these cases, there is usually a significant Functional Neurological Obstruction (FNO) which which can be the cause of all the secondary symptoms that have not been understood. 

What is a FNO?

No one has a perfect functioning brain and nerves, but there is a normal range. In this same manner, we can understand a fever, because we know what the normal body temperature is. This same understanding applies to all aspects of physiology, vision, blood pressure and cholesterol to name a few. In life there are established normals every where you look. Let's take a car engine as an example. It is the gauges and warning lights on the dashboard of the car that let you know when things are not operating normally. 

In this same principle, the body uses symptoms as warning indicators of a potentially serious underlying condition.  When a Neuro Functional Obstruction is present, it can manifest as many common secondary complaints.